These terms and conditions as well as agreement are hereby entered into by and between MotorClub 500 or MC500 — a division of (a duly registered business) GeoCapital One, eCommerce Venture; and all registrants, associates, members, subscribers and/or enrolled participants concerned.

This agreement includes those business mechanics and relevant contents of MC500 site — found specifically on the Services and Opportunity Page. Thus, are all binding and inclusive accordingly.

I. The following position titles and/or terminologies being used conditionally and interchangeably in this membership advocacy and services subscription site i.e. registrant, enrolled participants, subscriber, club member, associate, club associate, club advocate, road safety advocate, advocate director, affiliate & some other similar or identical position titles related thereto — basically refer to a freelance independent sales representative and/or independent contractor as defined, implied and/or used accordingly under paragraphs IV, V and VI.

II. It should be clearly understood that by joining MotorClub 500, a registrant voluntarily, willfully and/or conditionally agree to the following conditions:

A. Subscriber of services and/or products being offered in this site;

B. Member of the Club itself as a community of like-minded motorists with its road safety advocacy and practices;

C. Beneficiary of privileges, entitlements, assurances, benefits and/or opportunities;

D. Independent Freelance membership and subscription sales representative and/or independent contractor — where you have full control of your time, effort and resources in doing the advocacy and business opportunity components thereof.

Therefore, the terms, conditions, agreements, practices, operational and ethical standards, mechanics and the like, only served in mutual interest parties involved; and for organizational management purposes vis-a-vis copyright, intellectual property, stakeholders rights and compliance of related Federal and state law requirements.

E. You voluntarily and willfully become a Road Safety Advocate or RSA, as defined in this site — consistent with applicable state laws, traffic rules and regulations.

F. You indemnify, release and/or legally discharge MotorClub 500, its principal business GeoCapital One, its management and staff; any business partner and/or stakeholders, from any form of damages or losses in the course of doing such voluntary road safety advocacy.

III. As a Registrant, Subscriber and/or Enrolled Participant of MC500: This refers to those who voluntarily signed up and/or subscribed in this eCommerce venture. Specifically with the purchase of the MC500 Biz Software Package or MC5-BSP in the amount of USD299 — which is voluntarily renewable every year. It also refers to MC500's Associates and/or Members (of legal age or at least 18 years old) with the corresponding position title outlined under Opportunity Page.

Additionally, as independent contractor under IRS 1099 provision and in the absence of employee-employer relationship, registrant concerned has no right of ownership or control (whatsoever) of MC500, its parent business, subsidiaries and/or any ventures thereof. Thus, voluntary and entrepreneurial in nature — but with an assured assistance guarantee or benefit of up to $1000 towards the collision repair cost and/or deductible of any insured vehicle of the registrant concerned — as defined accordingly under this paragraph.

IV. Based on the discretion of MotorClub 500 management, part of the yearly membership subscription and sales revenue will be used conditionally — to fund legitimate programs and projects on road safety advocacy, which may include other related events and/or activities.

V. Services and Benefits Package: As outlined on the Services + Opportunity page, a registrant/club member is subscribing to the following (current) services and entitlements being offered by MotorClub 500:

A. Guaranteed Club Member Assurance Program (CMAP) of up to $1000 towards deductible and/or collision repair cost as defined under paragraph V;

B. Monthly 2-Hour Opportunity & Road Safety Forum Attendance or Entitlement to facilitate and/or lead a forum/club meeting as Independent Associate/Road Safety Advocate (a $20 value per month attendance or $240 per year);

C. Classroom or Online Driver Safety (Refresher) Course of up to $30 (once a year by refund per receipt of service provider — to be forwarded as attached file to;

D. Lockout Service of up to $50 (once a year by refund per receipt of service provider — to be forwarded as attached file to;

E. Yearly Member Replicated Website Set Up & Back Office Software and Maintenance.$60 value per year; 

F. Admin and Business Support: Email, Chat, Call Center, Tele-Conference, Club Meeting/Forum. A $120 value per year;

G. Monthly Newsletter: On Driving & Road Safety, Road Incident Cases, Court Cases & Testimonials, Vehicle Maintenance, Personal Finance & Investment, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Productivity, Entrepreneurship and other related and/or essential articles. A $60 value per year;

H. Monthly Video Clip Access: Based on topics as in the Monthly Newsletter. A $120 value per year;

I. Car for Sale Ad Posting: At MotorClub 500's Internet Portal and/or Website. A $150 value per year; 

J. 7 pieces of MC500 Decals/Stickers — a $40 value;

  a. 1 The 3-Way Test of a Good Driver
  b. 1 Core Values of a Road Safety Advocate
  c. 1 MC500's Vision and Mission Statement
  d. 2 Official rectangular logos of MC500
  e. 2 Square logos of MC500

K. Other future services, benefits, privileges and/or support initiatives for club members/associates. 

VI. Sales & Marketing Activities: Participation in the "Business Component" of MC500 i.e Sales & Marketing of the MC500 Biz Software Package or MC5-BSP is voluntary in nature — though it is part of the purchase package of becoming a member/associate.

Thus, Club member or associate concerned is always entitled to all other components of the business software package — even if said member/associate choose not to participate in the Sales & Marketing of said Biz Software Package. At any rate, participation in the sales and marketing activity can always be activated by following the terms and mechanics accordingly.

VII. Deductible and Collision Repair Cost Assurance: This is under MC500's Club Member Assurance Program or CMAP As a Club member you are entitled to a financial assistance of up to $1000 — towards your deductible and/or collision repair cost in a given year of your membership. This is applicable for each vehicle registered and insured under your name, that you personally drove in a given collision incident.

Additionally, the generic or general term "assurance" is also being used to mean the assurance and/or guarantee that a club member/subscriber is entitled to as defined below.

Entitlement or guarantee to the Club Member Assurance Program or CMAP of up to $1000, requires that each club member has to make at least three (3) membership/subscription sales per year of registration/membership. This requirement is intended so for the following reasons, win-win propositions, as well as claim procedures and disclaimer thereof:

A. To rid of the idea that CMAP is a form insurance coverage being offered through MotorClub 500 site. Thus, this member assistance program is basically a form incentive — together with the opportunity and benefits package being purchased and subscribed accordingly.

B. To support and promote the advocacy agenda of MotorClub 500 in an expeditious manner; and to create synergy of "agenda in action" among club members/associates as Road Safety Advocates or RSAs.

C. When to Claim for Assurance or CMAP: When any of your vehicle has sustained collision-related damage while being driven personally by yourself. This excludes damages caused by nature as well as man-made vandalism or abuse.

D. How to Claim for Assurance or CMAP: A formal estimate from a car body shop duly recognized or approved by MC500 will serve as a proof for Collision Assurance claims. A copy of estimate should be submitted or sent to or to the member support contact of MC500. Police report may be required when it is deem necessary; or a duly notarized "Affidavit of Vehicular Collision".

CMAP fund assistance will be released within 7 working days after submission of required proof, estimate and verification needed.

Any "Fraudulent Act" will be dealt with accordingly, which include "permanent membership disqualification", forfeiture of benefits and privileges among others.

E. Disclaimer: This Deductible and Collision Repair Cost Assurance are basically a form of funding assistance program and not a form or type of vehicle insurance coverage. This benefit under MC500's Club Member Assurance Program or CMAP, is part of the Biz Software Package being sold to any interested parties and/or MC500's Club members respectively.

VII. Membership and Subscription/Sales: When you present the services, opportunity and advocacy component of MotorClub 500 to a prospective client/member, there are basically three transactions that would take place in the process:

A. Your friend or contact person become a club member/road safety advocate as defined under the terms, conditions and disclaimer page;

B. He/she becomes a subscriber of MotorClub 500's advocacy and opportunity software/program which include a replicated website after registration. To avail of or fully participate in the opportunity program is voluntary;

C. A sales transaction per se' or by itself — as a result of the above business transaction. This is basically why we use the term Residual Sales Volume Credit/s or RSVC, for every membership & subscription completed — in an All-In-One Benefits Package found in the Services + Opportunity page. These include services, products and other member assistance entitlements/benefits as defined thereof.

IX. Sales Incentives, Residual Commissions: Access to individual "Real-Time Back Office" of each participant/registrant provides complete transparency in reference to sales incentives, residual commissions and/or payout schedule. "Payout" of incentives and commissions will be on a month-to-month basis in form of "Electronic Check". In line with the reduction policy on the use of paper as environmentally responsible business and for security purposes, "Direct Deposit" or ACH on potential income is being offered as an option to said compensation. Other convenient and secured method of paying commissions and incentives will be utilized when it is deem necessary.

X Payout Schedule: Payout cut off is every 30th day of the month: except the month of February — where payout falls on whatever the last day of said month be i.e. 28th or 29th. Thus, payout checks should be received within the first week of each month, not later than the second week of each month. Associates/members must have an "Active Status" in order to continually receive any residual income or commissions accumulated overtime based on the Sales Volume system.

XI. Transfer of Income Beneficiary: In case of inability or absence of participant concerned, and in the absence of "Will" and any form of document or record — as to who would be the beneficiary or beneficiaries of any incoming or future income; the closest relative and/or person of legal age directly related to participant concerned, will be determined and/or resolved by MC500 management accordingly.

XII. Income Tax: It is the sole responsibility of MC500 associate/member to comply with any tax duties and/or disclosure of income sources for taxation purposes. As such, all parties concerned must be responsible in complying with the IRS provisions and guidelines or, any tax law concerned in a given State of residence. In the U.S., IRS Form 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous Income) will be the appropriate filing and processing form for this type of income source or revenue.

Note: The USA PATRIOT Act is a Federal Law that requires all financial institutions as well as other types of organizations to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who receives payment from — both for security and income taxation purposes. Additional proof of identification may be required thereof.

XIII. Presentation of the Business and Advocacy Agenda: Members and Associates should always observed proper conduct and proper representation of MC500 business model, its rules, best practices, terms and conditions. Conduct of business and group meetings pertaining to MC500 should be based on the information found in the website, as well as the prevailing practices approved by MC500 management.

XIV. Advertising, Marketing, Promotional Materials, Brochures and Business Cards: Customized, Self-ordered/self-made business materials or tools should only contain the MC500 name, official logos, business slogan, URL or website name, text content in the mastheads and contact information of the associate concerned. Additionally, MC500's official colors in all these materials should be used identically and accordingly. Associate concerned can exclude some of these information, but additional information are not allowed as part of MC500's policy and conduct of doing business. Thus, Inquiry or consultation regarding this subject matter is absolutely encouraged.

At any rate and for convenience, official format and contents of these marketing materials will eventually be made available in various forms and software.

XV. Misrepresentation, Deceptive Act and/or Exaggerated Statements or Advertising of MC500's Business Opportunity, the Biz Software Package, Compensation and Profile: This is absolutely prohibited and will be dealt with accordingly. This is the same true when conducting/sponsoring or hosting group presentation, business meetings as well as person-to-person business presentation.

XVI. Club Member/Associate Replicated Website: For more professional, personalize and convenient way of presenting MC500's business and advocacy, replicated website will automatically be generated right after registration as part of the Biz Software package.

A minimal monthly website fee of $9.95 may eventually be assessed, when a club member concerned starts to earn incentives and commissions. This may be deducted automatically from participating associate's monthly payout.

XVII. Lost Checks and/or Unpaid Incentive and Commission: Any lost checks should be reported in due time to MC500's processing office. An "affidavit" pertaining to a "lost check" will be forwarded/sent to the member concerned, and should be returned back upon completion. On the other hand, unpaid incentives and/or commission will be resolved as soon as report has been received — based on the records of MC500. Checks may be considered lost when not received at least two (2) weeks from payout cut off date.

XVIII. Membership Advocacy Cooperation: That as a Club member, you will be cooperative in supporting MC500's advocacy in making the roads safe and friendly to both motorists and pedestrians alike. This is consistent with the State Law.

XIX. Legal Indemnification and Settlement of Disputes: Registrants or participants concerned agreed to indemnify MC500, its parent business, management and stakeholders concerned from any legal issues and action. In aid of the legal and justice system, MC500 subscribed to the virtue of amicable settlement — should there be any issues of significant importance. On the other hand, gross negligence, intentional violation of business rules and conduct and/or fraudulent act on part of the registrant concerned should be dealt with accordingly, not limited to appropriate legal action.

Registrants also agree to indemnify MC500 site management, its parent company, subsidiaries, and staff from any harm, legal liability and/or obligation, should this eCommerce site encounters any technical problems, ceased to operate temporarily or permanently due to any unexpected circumstances or, any cause beyond site management's ability to handle or operate its business accordingly. These may include rare cases of identity theft and/or stolen personal account information.

That any problem with the referral or networking software — where nothing can be done to retrieve the number of sales volume referrals and other pertinent information, members have to start all over again. Thus, should there be any technical problems, Club members should be supportive in handling such issues.

XX. Computer Program/Software & Business Intellectual Rights: The customized computer program and/or modified software being utilized in this website along with the logos, trademarks, icons, slogan and business model — which is originally conceptualized by the eCommerce site management/owner, materialized through the expertise and services of a third party website and software provider, are protected by the governing laws and claims on Copyright Protection—set forth by the Copyright Office, Washington DC 20559-6000 USA.

XXI. Refund Policy: Due to the nature and cost involved in setting up the account of each registrant/client concerned, a 3-day cancellation and/or refund policy is rightfully and justifiably maintained in this business transaction.

XXII. Disclaimer: In good faith and to the best of knowledge as well as based on the business study conducted for MC500, potential income can only be realized with the corresponding effort given, as well as the ability of the participant concerned to do its part accordingly.

Hence, it is both the "Direct Sales and Residual Sales Volume Credits or RSVC, that builds potential income over a period of time. Thus, in the absence of active participation and the ability required to do this eCommerce business model, said potential income may not be possible.

XXIII. Good Faith Disclosure: That in reference to the above paragraph i.e. V-D, you would voluntarily and/or willingly cooperate in the disclosure of the actual and/or present body condition of your vehicle — in the process of your membership registration or renewal thereof.

That vehicle photos will be part of the requirements in availing and/or granting of the CMAP benefit on collision incidents.

That "clear and close up" individual photos of your vehicle/s showing the ten (10) sides, must be taken accordingly, to wit:

  • Front view photo
  • Driver side front fender
  • Driver side front door
  • Driver side rear door, or fender — if a 2-door style
  • Driver side rear fender
  • Passenger side front fender
  • Passenger side front door
  • Passenger side rear door, or fender — if a 2-door style
  • Passenger rear fender
  • Back or rear photo of the vehicle/s
XXIV. Business Partnership, Contracting, Networking, Merger and Joint Ventures: Any act of a club member/s that involves formal and/or bonded by written or non-written contract, shall be duly consulted with MotorClub 500 management — which has the sole discretion of giving consent and/or approval thereof.

XXV. Ideas, Suggestions and Contributions for Improvement: Solicited or otherwise, inputs for improvement of the business may be acknowledged and/or commended accordingly based on its economic and/or moral value — and shall become part of the intellectual property rights of MotorClub 500 and its principal business Geocapital One.

XXVI. Terms, Conditions and Site Content Changes: Terms and Conditions are subject to change with or without prior notice, should there be any necessary changes to be made. For changes in the content of this eCommerce site, you are hereby encouraged to periodically check any changes thereon.

These include any changes in the services, entitlements, benefits and privileges being currently offered and the corresponding terms thereof.

XXVII. Acknowledgement: In the process of Club membership registration, you must acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms, Conditions and Mechanics in doing business with MotorClub 500 and GeoCapital One.