Yes, with MC500 your policy deductible or vehicle repair cost of up to $1000 — will always be taken care of as a Club member together with other benefits as well. That said, there's always a room for you to be financially rewarded — may it be through your policy premium savings, collision and deductible assistance program, Biz Software Affiliate program, current & future Club-based urgent services or assistance.

Now, you can finally say: "Real Benefits & Opportunity for Ordinary People has Finally Come".

How it Works
Sales & Affiliate Program with Real Benefits

#1.    Checkout with MC500 Biz Software Affiliate Package for $299 Only!
                   This include purchase and subscription of all these Start Up Tools & Benefits Package:
                   A $1870 Plus Value per Year!

Member Replicated Website Set Up & Back office software and Maintenance
       - $60 Value per year of subscription

Admin & Business Support re: Email, Chat, Call Center, Tele-Conference, Club Meeting/Forum
       - A $120 Value per year

Guaranteed Club Member Assurance Program or CMAP of up to $1000
       - in Aid to your Policy Deductible and/or Collision Repair Cost

Monthly 2-Hour Opportunity & Road Safety Forum Attendance or Entitlement to
       - facilitate and/or lead a forum/club meeting
as Independent Associate and/or Road Safety Advocate
       - $20 per month Value x 12 months = $240 per year

Classroom or Online Driver Safety (Refresher) Course -- Up to $30 Value
       - (once a year by refund per receipt or certificate of completion)

Lock-out Service of up to $50 (once a year by refund per receipt)

MC500's various sizes & shapes of Decals/Stickers = 7 pieces -- a $40 Value

         1 The 3-Way Test of a Good Driver
         1 Core Values of a Road Safety Advocate
         1 MC500's Vision and Mission Statement
         2 Official rectangular logos of MC500
         2 Square logos of MC500

Monthly Newsletter on Driving & Road Safety, Road Incident Cases, Court Cases & Testimonials.
      Vehicle Maintenance, Personal Finance & Investment, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle Productivity,
       Entrepreneurship and other related and/or essential articles. A $60 Value per year

Monthly Video Clip Access based on topics as in the Monthly Newsletter -- a $120 Value per year

C ar for Sale Ad Posting at Motorclub500's Internet Portal
       (once a year ad posting for one month with car photos) -- a $150 Value per year.

O ther future benefits, privileges, services and/or support initiative for club members/associates.


Plus, MC500's Future Club-Based Urgent Assistance Program -- without additional charges on each services below:

  Fuel Delivery
  Battery-Boosting or Replacement*
  Tire Changing*
  4-wheel Vehicle Towing
  Urgent Ride and/or Carpool

* If available at source/store.


#2.    You get 20% sales incentives on every direct sale of MC500 Biz Software & Services Packageyou make. You can do as many Direct Sales as you want, to speed up your Residual Sales Volume Credits or RSVC.

#3.    A Much Better Deal

You get 3% on the 2nd level of your club network's indirect residual sales volume.

2% on the 3rd level, 1% on the 4th & 5th levels of your club network's indirect Residual Sales Volume Credits or RSVC. But no limit as to the width, or direct sales you can make as explained earlier in #2.

  A Simple Illustration

Unlimited Direct sales
@ 20% Credit per Sale
Unlimited Direct sales
@ 20% Credit per Sale

Residual Sales Volume Credits (RSVC)
With Exponential Sales Growth

From 1st to the 5th Level
With the Corresponding Percentage of 20-3-2-1-1 (%) of Direct & Indirect Sales Volume

To the 5th Level/Deep

Multiple Chain of
Sales Volume Credits

Based on the Residual Sales Volume Credits or RSVC
With the Continuing Yearly Purchase/Subscription of Biz Software & Services

Means = Extraordinary Benefits & Opportunity for Ordinary People

[See Terms for Details]

You have all the freedom to reward yourself with the following positions — based on the Sales Volume of the Biz Software Package you actually sold to individual participating Club members or associates.

All you need to do is keep track of your Sales Volume represented by your chain or network of Biz Software Subscribers/Affiliates in your "Real-Time Back Office Solutions", and reward yourself with the following positions you are entitled to accordingly.

On the other hand, those who opted not to avail of or join the Sales Team Activity, would just remain as Club associates or members. with the corresponding benefits/privileges they are entitled to.

Position Clasification
+   Star Ranking
Biz Software
Sales Volume Credit

It should be noted that eventually, it is the multiplier effect of the Sales Volume of your chain or network of Biz Software Subscribers/Affiliates, that makes it fast and easy for you to get promoted in each position level.

Note: Sales Volume Incentives and Commissions schemes, Payout schedule as well as Position Titles may be changed with or without prior notice — all for the benefit of both the Biz Software Subscribers/Affiliates and Motor Club 500.